The Impossible Revenge Lock Puzzle - Aka The Wanderer

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Prepare to unlock the secrets of the Revenge Lock Puzzle, Wil Strijbos's masterpiece sequential discovery puzzle, where each step reveals a new challenge. Feast your eyes on the meticulously crafted Revenge puzzle, a stunning aluminum masterpiece accented with brass and steel that cleverly disguises its true nature - a cunning puzzle that will test your wits. Your quest begins with uncovering the hidden serial number, concealed on the lock's back. This initial step seems like a gentle warm-up, an easy win for any experienced puzzler. But don't underestimate its deceptive simplicity, for it sets the stage for the real challenge to come. Next, prepare to face the formidable shackle. Unlike the effortless unlocking of the casing, conquering this obstacle will demand unwavering persistence and creative thinking. Be warned, this stage will leave even experienced puzzlers struggling for weeks!

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Revenge Lock Puzzle

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