Diamond Cube 2 - Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser

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Diamonds are forever, and our Diamond Cube collection never goes out of style! The Diamond Cube 2 Puzzle is built from a wooden composite of different colored grains, and places a simple yet clever spin on the popular Burr style of puzzles. The infrastructure is composed of 12 laser-cut fragments filled with grooves and notches, combining to form a smooth, final diamond shape. The delightfully mind-boggling difficulty of solving this puzzle arises from the use of an ingenious slide-and-lock mechanism. Take a close look before you begin reconstruction, because you might need a hint while trying to rebuild! The first objective is to remove a central “key” that triggers a domino effect of collapsing pieces. The Diamond Cube 2 must be solved in precisely the right sequence of moves for reconstruction - perfect for honing focus, building patience, and developing spatial reasoning skills.

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