33 Peg Solitaire Game

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33 Peg Solitaire is a legendary strategy game for one player. The objective is easy to explain: can you remove all of your pegs from the board, leaving only one? However, a simple explanation does not always translate to an easy execution; players will likely get stuck a few times before achieving the goal of a single, lone peg. The game starts with 33 balls filling the entire board, except for a central hole that stays empty. Each turn, jump one ball over an adjacent ball (horizontal/vertical, but not diagonal) and into an empty hole; then, remove the jumped peg. Continue this pattern until only one ball is left. If there are no balls to jump over, then you have no playable moves. The simplest solution takes "only" 31 moves! Secrets to doing well in this game are careful planning, patience, and a bit of trial and error.

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