Wooden Sudoku Cube Puzzle

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This new puzzle from Kubiya is tailor made for all the Sudoku addicts out there! We’ve taken Sudoku from 2D to 3D with our handmade, wooden Sudoku Cube. Just like the original, the numbers 1 through 9 will play an important role, but with a few unique twists. Players must arrange the numbered wooden cubes so that each face (there are six faces in total) of the Sudoku Cube has one of each number from 1-9. However, unlike 2D Sudoku, you can’t move in order from one square to the next, every face of this 3D Sudoku Cube must be solved to complete the puzzle. This means that repositioning one cube to work with a certain side of the cube might mess up 2 or 3 other sides, and leave you even more confused!

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Wooden 3D Sudoku Cube Puzzle
Dhs. 150.00
Dhs. 150.00

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