The Genius Puzzle Gift Box For Him

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This is the ultimate gift box for Husbands and Dads who know it all and deserve the best! What's in the box: Two-in-One Box Puzzle - The Two-in-One Box Sequential Puzzle is a sophisticated combination of a sliding gauge puzzle with a unique maze mechanism. First, you will need to navigate the labyrinth and free the two metal balls. The second step is to open the box! Karakuri Puzzle Cube - This sequential money puzzle box has a secret opening mechanism. Can you open the box in 3 moves to reach the prizes inside? The inner pieces will move easily and smoothly, but only if done in just the right way. When the mechanism moves in order, the lid will open after the 3rd step. Cylinder Spin Puzzle - here we have a clever spin on the classic Rubik’s Cube brainteaser. Cylinder Spin contains 16 multi-colored balls inside rotating, inner cylinders. Each cylinder must be twisted around until 4 different colors (4 balls each) are separated and lined up in their own row. There is one free space in the mechanism that allows the balls to travel between rows. If you thought the Rubik’s Cube was tough, good luck with this one! Here is the list of puzzles in the set by difficulty level: Two-in-One Box Puzzle - difficulty level 4/5 | $116 Karakuri Puzzle Cube - difficulty level 3/5 | $69.99 Cylinder Spin Puzzle - difficulty level 4/5 | $36

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