The Brainiac Game

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Get ready to test your knowledge and fill your brain with facts in The Scholastic Brainiac Game! This fun and engaging board game is perfect for 2-4 players ages 6 and up. Here's how it works: Spin the SMART Spinner to land on one of five subject areas: Science, Math, Arts, Reading, or The World. Each question card has six different questions, tailored to grades 1-6, so everyone can play and learn! Answer the question correctly to earn a scoring chip of that subject's color. Be the first player to collect one token for each subject (spelling S-M-A-R-T) and win the game! With 224 question cards featuring 1,344 questions and answers, there's endless fun and learning to be had!

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Scholastic Brainiac Game
Dhs. 105.00
Dhs. 105.00

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