3D Airplane Puzzle Model

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Have you ever found your mind drifting off into the sky, fantasizing about cruising above the cloud line? Our durable, hand-carved 3D Airplane Puzzle Model is buckets of fun for every age, geared towards children who never seem to grow out of the airplane phase! The puzzle is built from 9 interlocking, wooden pieces, and the object is to assemble the pieces so that they mesh together and form an airplane, propeller and all. We have set this puzzle at a medium difficulty level in order to widen the audience of people who can enjoy it while still offering a tangible challenge. After solving, the model can be played with as a toy, displayed as a decoration, or even reconstructed again as much as your heart desires.

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Wooden Airplane 3D Model Puzzle
Dhs. 83.00
Dhs. 83.00

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