Escape Room X-Factor Puzzle - Crazy X Puzzle

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Da Vinci had many tricks up his sleeve, and has inspired many puzzles - including our Escape Room X-Factor Puzzle! If you’re looking for the perfect gift that no one else will think of, try it out; this puzzle may be the funnest trick puzzle in the entire collection. The concept behind this classic dates back hundreds of years and has been used fondly in many famous brain teasers. It was originally designed by Master Nobuyuki Yoshigahara under the name Duallock Cross. X-Factor has also been known as the X Marks Puzzle, Da Vinci's Helicopter Cross, or the Mysterious X Puzzle. This delightfully challenging device forms a wooden X-shape trapped inside a wooden square wrapped around the middle. The objective is to release the X from the square, and the solution will leave your head spinning and your friends in awe! X-Factor is even perfect for kids, they might be just creative enough to find the solution with enough playtime.

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Escape Room X-Factor Puzzle Crazy X Wooden Game

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