The Grandfather Burr Puzzle - 18 piece burr puzzle

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When this puzzle was designed, there’s no doubt why they called it the Grandfather of all Burrs. No exaggerations were made, and you’re in for quite a challenge. This Puzzle is one of the hardest interlocking puzzles in our collection! It was designed by W. L. Van der Poel, a Dutch computer scientist who designed and created puzzles as his hobby. The Grandfather Burr Puzzle has 18 pieces, all with unique notches. The puzzle's design contains gaps of empty space within the puzzle’s body, making it much less intuitive to imagine how the pieces interlock together. To first unlock the Grandfather Burr Puzzle, you have to find the right sequence of moves to release the first piece; then, the rest will follow. To put all the 18 pieces back together will be a much more complex task, requiring loads of patience and determination.

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The Grandfather Burr Puzzle - 18 piece burr wooden puzzle very hard

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