3 Puzzle Locks Set

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Three of our very best Trick Lock puzzles. Puzzle Lock #1 - Labyschloss, is a sequential puzzle that you need to unlock without no key. There are four sliding metal pins that can only be moved horizontally while the wooden sliding panel pieces can be only moved vertically. In order to solve the puzzle and open the lock, all four pegs must be navigated through their special mazes. Puzzle Lock #2 - Voidlock is a very tricky lock puzzle that doesn't require a key to open it. Once you figure out the right sequence of the 300 moves, you will be able to open the lock. Puzzle Lock #2 - Sliding Lock puzzle with a unique maze mechanism that requires navigating three sliding metal pins to find the perfect combination of the lock. If you move the three metal pins in the maze in the right sequence the lock will open.

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3 Puzzle Lock Set - Sequential Wooden Puzzles

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