Don't Break It - Wine Puzzle

High-quality handicraft wine puzzle with a unique ancient brainteaser mechanism that is quite different from all other disentanglement puzzles in our collection. Only 4 moves to free the bottle! How difficult can it be? Well, it's a very tricky puzzle.
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This is the perfect party game! This ingenious puzzle combines the excitement of a perplexing brainteaser with the built-in motivation of a delicious alcoholic reward! 

This High-quality handicraft wine puzzle has a unique mechanism that is quite different from all other disentanglement puzzles in our collection. Only 4 moves to free the bottle! How difficult can it be? Well, it's a very tricky puzzle. The puzzle uses an ancient brainteaser mechanism to keep the bottle lock. The parts will move easily and smoothly if you do it the right way. When the parts move in order, the top piece will open to the 4th step. This wine puzzle is beautifully crafted by hand from high-quality rubberwood.

Definitely one of our most popular adult puzzles, imagine you’re attending or hosting a party with a sophisticated bottle of wine in this intriguing container. The guests wonder what in the world that contraption is for. Then, when it comes time to uncork the bottle, everyone discovers with surprise that there’s a trick to this particular bottle! The challenge “Don’t Break It” makes the reward even sweeter. Best of all, this puzzle is completely reusable - you or the lucky recipient of your gift can enjoy challenging friends and guests with this puzzle for many years to come.

The puzzle structure will fit any regular size wine or liquor bottle (the puzzle can be adjusted to the desired height of the bottle - up to 15" inches in height and 3.5" inches in diameter). 

The puzzle comes with a video solution of how to set up and lock the bottle in the puzzle and how to release the bottle from the lock. 

The puzzle does not include a wine bottle.

More Information
Difficulty Level3
Number of Pieces2
Number of Players1
Play Length4 hours
Recommended Age21 and up
Wood TypeRubberwood
Free the bottle!

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