Snake Cube

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The Snake Cube puzzle is an incredible brainteaser- twist the string of bi-color wooden cubes to form a 3x3x3 cube.


The Snake Cube puzzle is an incredible brainteaser that will provide hours of entertainment each and every time you pick it up. The string of bi-color wooden cubes form a Hamiltonian path through a 3×3×3 grid. Build your skill and patience as you twist the snake of 27 cubes back into its’ original 3x3x3 cube. This brain-teasing puzzle’s difficulty is legendary! This is one puzzle that never gets any easier! The Snake Cube is perfect for all ages as it has no loose pieces and provides a wonderful educational experience that hones your problem-solving skills. This is one of our most popular puzzles and is handmade from high quality wood that has a smooth feel and beautiful appearance, making it a perfect desk or coffee table toy to share with friends and family.


Wood TypeAge-GroupDifficulty (1-5)Number of PlayersPackaging
Monkey Pod 7 and up 3 1 Plastic shrink wrap
Instructions and Solution Included

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