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This great 12-puzzle variety set comes in an attractive handcrafted box. This is a perfect gift for all ages and skill levels, from the budding young puzzler to an experienced strategist!


This great 12-puzzle variety set comes in an attractive handcrafted box. This is a perfect gift for all ages and skill levels, from the budding young puzzler to an experienced strategist! We’ve selected twelve of our most popular puzzles of varying difficulty levels and puzzle types for this unique gift set. If you get too frustrated with one puzzle just pick up another! With 12 puzzles to choose from, this gift set provides months of entertainment as for new and experienced puzzlers to build their skill level. This special collection puzzle gift set is the perfect way to keep children aged 10 and up intellectually stimulated and entertained after school, over summer vacation, or even on a long trip. This collection also makes a handsome and unique gift for adults, perfect for that family member, friend, or colleague that’s always hard to shop for. Adults will be challenged by these puzzles again and again, making this box set a great desk toy or coffee table game to share with colleagues and friends.

Soma cube: Dutch mathematician Piet Hein invented the Soma Cube in 1933 to distract himself during a lecture on quantum mechanics. This puzzle contains 7 pieces. The traditional puzzle is to form a cube and unlike most puzzles, which have only one right answer, there are up to 240 ways to build the 3x3x3 Soma cube! During your quest for all 240 solutions you will also discover the 100 other shapes that can be built using these same 7 pieces. This beautiful puzzle comes in it’s own finely crafted wooden box with top.

2 Piece Pyramid: This beautiful 2-piece Pyramid puzzle is deceptively simple in appearance-until you try to rebuild it! With a challenge that calls to mind the incredible engineering feats of the ancient Egyptians, this puzzle is sure to capture your imagination as you try to rebuild the Great Pyramid of Giza using only 2 pieces.

Anaconda: The Anaconda is a monster version of the classic Snake Cube, built from 64 small cubes attached by a string. You will need to pay attention as you twist apart the cube if you ever want to get this legendary Anaconda back into a 4x4x4 cube.

Domino Cube: This simple looking puzzle actually has three different tasks to challenge and entertain you. Try building a perfect cube, building a perfect die with each side containing a different amount of dots from 1-6, all in the same color, and finally, try building the die again with another color! This is sure to keep you puzzling for days!

Locked Ring: According to ancient legend, an intricate knot was tied by Gordius, the king of Phrygia, and remained tied for hundred of years until an oracle decreed that the man who untied the knot would become the ruler of Asia. Alexander the Great came to Gordian, sliced the knot with his sword, and went on to rule a great empire. Since this time the Gordian Knot has served as a metaphor for any exceedingly complicated or intricate problem. This Locked Ring string puzzle will challenge your patience and creativity as you struggle release the ring and solve a puzzle worthy of one of the most powerful leaders in history.

Magic Cube: This looks like a classic cube puzzle until you take it apart and discover the devilishly tricky interior. The eight pieces are full of odd angles that making putting them back into a cube a hellish task!

4 Snake cube: The string of bi-color wooden cubes form a Hamiltonian path through a 3×3×3 grid. Build your skill and patience as you twist the snake of 27 cubes back into its’ original 3x3x3 cube. This brain-teasing puzzle’s difficulty is legendary!

Burr puzzle: Burr Puzzles have been found in Europe and Asia since the 18th century. Burr Puzzles can take on many shapes, from the traditional burr seed shape, to balls, stars, and more. This classic six-piece puzzle contains three sets of rod pairs, which need to intersect to form the burr seed shaped puzzle. This medium-difficulty puzzle is a perfect way to practice your patience and concentration as you search for the perfect placement of each piece to form the burr.


Wood TypeAge- GroupDifficulty (1-5)Number of PlayersSizeWeightPackag ing
Monkey Pod
Rubber Wood
7 and up 2-4 1+ 11”x9”x3.5” 2.2 Pounds Wooden box
Plastic shrink wrap
Instructions and Solution Included

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