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  • 3D Connect 4

    3D Connect 4

    Our wooden 3D Connect 4 games offer a chance to disconnect yourself and your family from the screens and reconnect wi...
  • 5 Puzzle Gift Set

    5 Puzzle Gift Set

    This great five-puzzle set comes in an attractive handcrafted box. This is a perfect gift for all ages and skill leve...
  • Tricky Drawer

    Tricky Drawer

    This Tricky Drawer puzzle is one of the hardest interlocking burr puzzles in our collection. The Puzzle has 4 burr pi...
  • Dinosaur Egg

    Dinosaur Egg

    The Dinosaur Egg is made of 12 non-identical wooden pieces that form a challenge both in releasing the puzzle and put...
  • Don’t Break It

    Don’t Break It

    One of our most popular adult puzzles, this puzzle uses an ancient brainteaser to keep the wine bottle under wraps. G...
  • Ship Puzzle - XL

    Ship Puzzle - XL

    This adorable ship puzzle is perfect for adults and children. The ship puzzle is made of 16 interlocking wooden piece...

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