Double Magic Box

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This box may look simple, but there’s a catch.
Try to open the box – it’s not easy.


Looking for the perfect gift? This clever magic box is an amusing way to surprise a friend or colleague with a gift, just hand it over and watch as the recipient struggles to get to their gift! This magic box requires a little cunning and dexterity to reveal the treasure inside. This special version of the Magic Box has two secret drawers! This ingenious trick box is the perfect gift- or the perfect way to give someone a gift! Just hide it inside the hidden compartment, and watch the recipient struggle to get to it. The Magic Box is a wonderful way to spice up any small gift, from gift cards and cash to jewelry. The Magic Box adds an element of humor to every gift-giving occasion and ensures your gift won’t be forgotten. Once opened, this makes a great hiding spot for any special objects you want to keep safe from prying minds and hands. This box is beautifully crafted by hand from high quality wood.


Wood TypeAge-GroupDifficulty (1-5)Number of PlayersSizeWeightPackaging
Monkey Pod 10 and up 2.5 1 5.5”x2.75”x1.5” 0.8 Pounds Plastic shrink wrap
Instructions and Solution Included

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