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  • Plus 26

    Plus 26

    A great math game for kids.This beautiful handcrafted wooden Plus 26 math game set is specifically designed for young...
  • T Puzzle

    T Puzzle

    The T puzzle is wonderful mathematical games that help build critical thinking skills and understanding of geometry, ...
  • Slide 15

    Slide 15

    The Slide 15 Puzzle consists of 15 squares numbered from 1 to 15 which are placed in a 4x4 box leaving one position o...
  • Switch Four

    Switch Four

    Switch Four offers a fun challenge for all ages and involving abstract strategy for two players. Kids can just enjoy ...
  • Pythagoras Star

    Pythagoras Star

    We proudly named this board game after the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras. We learned that one will h...
  • Escape 9

    Escape 9

    This classic slide puzzle is based on the famous Thai legend of Khun-Phan. Khun-Phan, caught in a love triangle, f...

  • Dead End

    Dead End

    Our wooden board games offer a chance to disconnect yourself and your family from the screens and reconnect with each...
  • Tangram Puzzle

    Tangram Puzzle

    The object of the Tangram puzzle is to arrange all the 7 pieces into different shapes. Unlike many other puzzles, the...
  • Snakes and Ladders

    Snakes and Ladders

    This classic children’s game is actually an ancient Indian board game! The game can be played with two to four play...
  • Matching Wheels

    Matching Wheels

    The Matching Wheels Puzzle is a great brainteaser in the same tradition as a Rubik’s cube. The puzzle contains 7 wh...
  • Two Layer Pento Puzzle

    Two Layer Pento Puzzle

    The Two Layer Pentomino Puzzle is a classic geometric shapes puzzle that offers a truly unique challenge with thousan...
  • The Last Fighter

    The Last Fighter

    Our beautiful wooden version of "The Last Fighter" based on the classic strategy game "Cracker Barrel". Put your smar...
  • Double U

    Double U

    This elegantly simple puzzle offers a packing challenge. The object of the game is to fit all U-shaped pieces togethe...
  • K Puzzle

    K Puzzle

    Like other latter puzzles the K puzzle is fun and not so hard to solve! The K puzzle come with 5 non-identical pieces...

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