9 Piece Pyramid with base

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A brain-teaser for one player. The puzzle is made up of 9 wooden pieces that form a pyramid.



This beautiful 9-piece Pyramid puzzle is deceptively simple in appearance-until you try to rebuild it! With a challenge that calls to mind the incredible engineering feats of the ancient Egyptians, this puzzle is sure to capture your imagination as you try to rebuild the Great Pyramid of Giza using only 9 pieces. The smooth, lightweight and large size of the pieces also make this a wonderful educational puzzle for children. Our Pyramid puzzle comes with an attractive wooden base, making this a great piece to display on a coffee table or desk to entertain your friends and colleagues.


Wood TypeAge-GroupDifficulty (1-5)Number of PlayersSizeWeightPackaging
Monkey Pod 7 and up 2.5 1 4”x4”3.7” 0.30 Pounds Plastic shrink wrap
Instructions and Solution Included

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